Engagement Rings: A Symbol of Emotion, Devotion and Love


1Buying an affordable engagement ring is a wise decision. And engagement ring is essential because it is considered an eternal symbol of the union of the couple on the day of engagement.

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A brilliant design and perfectly crafted diamond engagement ring symbolizes love, commitment, faithfulness, and a promise. The ring is very important part of matrimony because it is a promise and an acceptance of marriage. It is also considered to be a strong bond which binds the two people together.

1.65ct Fancy-Black Diamond Engagement Ring Antique Style Review

3The 1.65ct Fancy-Black Diamond Engagement Ring Antique Style is one of the most beautifully unique engagement rings available. The center black diamond is 0.80 carats while there are two smaller black diamonds on each side of the center black diamond. Furthermore, there are a few small, fine black diamonds on each side accentuating the 3 larger black diamonds in the center. All the black diamonds on the 1.65ct Fancy-Black Diamond Engagement Ring Antique Style are naturally treated. Together with the antique style and the 14K white gold band, this ring is a sight to be seen. The 1.65ct Fancy-Black Diamond Engagement Ring Antique Style comes in all sizes including ¼ sizes and can be resized free of charge for the customer’s convenience.

Features and Specifications

The 1.65ct Fancy-Black Diamond Engagement Ring Antique Style is a very detailed engagement ring. Together with the black diamonds and the 14K white gold band it really outshines most engagement rings. This ring has three diamonds in the middle, one larger black diamond in the very center that is 0.80 carats and one smaller black diamond on each side of the larger one. In addition, this gorgeous engagement ring has smaller, fine black diamonds on each side of the 3 middle black diamonds.

    The 1.65ct Fancy-Black Diamond Engagement Ring Antique Style is all naturally treated fancy-black diamondsof excellent quality. The antique style of this engagement ring really brings it all together to create a classic, elusive look.

    The 1.65ct Fancy-Black Diamond Engagement Ring Antique Style comes in all possible sizes, even ¼ sizes. If purchased and needs to be resized, they will do it for you free of charge.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews for the 1.65ct Fancy-Black Diamond Engagement Ring Antique Style are unanimously positive. The customers were amazed at how smoothly the purchase, shipping, etc. was. Furthermore, the consumers were happy with the ring itself and what excellent quality the 1.65ct Fancy-Black Diamond EngagementRing Antique Style was. One customer commented on how great the cuts of the black diamonds were. All in all, the customers were extremely happy with the 1.65ct Fancy-Black Diamond Engagement Ring Antique Style. All reviews stated how beautiful this ring was.

Choose the most beautiful and perfect engagement rings from a Wide collection

2Presenting engagement rings is one of the best ways to express your love and commitment. There is a several kinds of diamond rings available in the market and the most popular and kwon engagement rigs is solitaire engagement ring but you also have many other such as bridal set engagement rings, three stone engagement rings, vintage diamond engagement rings, preset diamond wedding engagement rings and many more. Proposing your beloved by placing the most beautiful and attractive diamond rings is the traditional but the most romantic way to make your proposal.In this article, I have written about various kinds of diamond engagement ringsand you will find antique engagement rings and expensive engagement rings.

Diamond engagement rings

Presently, diamond engagement rings are liked by most of the people as result it has become very famous among all the engagement rings. It is popular because it is viewed as a symbol of love and commitment. Prices of diamond rings may vary and it is entirely depend upon its color, cut, carat and clarity. So having the knowledge of these four factors that is also known as 4C’s of diamond is essential because it will help you in determining the value of diamond and prices of diamond rings. The price of ring also depends on the type of side stones used in your engagement ring.

Antique engagement rings

Now-a-days, people also prefer antique engagement rings because of its classic and unique look. Most of the women love wearing antique engagement rings. The most alluring thing of engagement rings these rings is that they inexpensive as compare to diamond engagement rings. You can these antic engagement ring sin various designs, shapes, colors and carat according to your need and budget as well.  Victorian antique engagement ring is classic rings, which is set in yellow gold.